Wingstop, the restaurant chain that specializes in chicken wings, fries and dips had to think outside the box a little bit due to some circumstances out of their control that took place during the pandemic.

Due to the fact that chicken wings became so popular during the pandemic, there have reports of a chicken wing shortage throughout the country. Chicken wings are now triple the price of what they used to be. To help people still satisfy somewhat of their chicken wings craving, Wingstop has come up with a new approach, thighs.

You read that right, the people that specialize in wings have now launched a new company called Thighstop where they will sell thighs instead of wings. Now, Thighstop is a digital store and won't have their own locations, but you will be able to get your favorite thighs at select Wingstop locations including the location right here in Ewing.

All you have to do is go to the Thighstop website, and order through DoorDash for pick up or delivery. You can get thighs with the bones or without the bones. You can also get the bones covered in any of Wingstop's 11 signature sauces.

Rapper Rick Ross is completely on board with helping promote these new thighs. He's encouraging people to give them a try.

I am a huge fan of chicken wings and chicken legs, but not so much chicken thighs. But if there's a shortage, maybe I need to jump on board?

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