It's important to always stay alert and on guard nowadays, especially as a woman. Whether you are at the grocery store, the park, or even the airport, there is always a chance that danger can be just a few feet away. I don't like to go many places by myself because it seems that I am always taken advantage of. I'm short, look young, and have had random people try to pull one over on me because they don't think I'm native.

I love when other people share their stories of things that have happened to them in order to bring awareness. If it can happen to one person, it surely can happen to the next. A woman on Redditt is warning people traveling through New Jersey airports to beware of this Uber shuttle scam that has been happening to not only her family, but a lot of people she knows.

She says that she will be approached by random people asking her if she needs to Uber to get to her destination. Then they will take you to what they call a "uber shuttle" that is supposed to take you to a designated Uber pickup area.

"They even go to the extent of acting like airport staff, saying you can’t wait wherever you are for your Uber, because of Covid," the woman stated.

Don't fall for it. There is no other designated uber pickup area other than where the airport signs direct you. Do not fall for it. The whole thing is a lie. The woman went on to warn people to ignore any person who approaches you trying to tell you what to do.

If by chance you do encounter someone like this, there is a number that you can call to report them. See phone numbers to the Port Authority police non-emergency lines.

JFK Intl. Airport 718-244-4335

Newark Liberty Intl. Airport 973-961-6230

LaGuardia Intl. Airport 718-533-3900

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