Just when I had sworn I had seen it all this year. Apparently King of Prussia Mall just opened up its own Covid-19 boutique. The store's official name is called Covid-19 inc. and it sells just about everything you would possibly need to get through this global pandemic.

According to Philly Mag, right as you walk inside the store, there is this state of the art device that shows you your body temperature. Crazy right? So the main thing the sell at this store are face masks. They have facial coverings of all sizes, colors, designs and shapes. And most of them are only 30 bucks.

“If you tried to buy a Louis Vuitton mask at the Louis Vuitton store, it would cost you $300,” a salesperson told a prospective buyer. But these, er, unofficial “designer” masks only cost $30, a salesperson at the store explained.

They even smell mask spray that can be used when your mask starts to smell from your hot breath. According Philly Mag, they also have gadgets that will come in handy when trying your best not to touch things. For example they sell something that you can use to grasp grab door handles when you don’t want to pull with your bare hand.

It sounds like such a cool store and I can't wait to check it out. There are only two of these stores that exist in the region. The other two are in New Jersey.

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