Did you hear? The controversial social media app, Yik Yak made its comeback today and millennials can't contain their excitement. Looks like it's time to cyberbully again!

If you never heard of Yik Yak you are probably way too young. The app came out in 2013 and was the most popular form of social media at the time, especially among college students. If you didn't get to experience Yik Yak during college, I feel so sorry for you because you missed out. The app is an anonymous forum that allows users to see discussions and conversations within a five mile radius. Now just imagine being on a college campus like TCNJ or Temple University and reading all the crap students have to say about classes, teachers, campus food and each other. DRAMA.

So after 4 years of being shut down, the app is back and is ready to stir up some more drama. And if you don't live on a college campus, some places might not be as popping. I'm sure if you open up the Yik Yak app anywhere in Stroudsburg Pennsylvania, you're not going to get much interaction. But go to Center City in Philly on a Friday or Saturday night, and you're in for some entertainment.


Here are some places in Philly where Yik Yak will be the most lit.

1. Xfinity Live. Especially during Eagles games since the stadium is right down the road.

2. University City. Since it's in between Penn State, Temple University and Drexel University, there is bound to be some good conversation.

3. Penn's Landing. You'll get all types of conversations around there. People of all ages go to Penn's landing on a nice summer day. So be prepared for a wide range of discussions.

Happy Yaking!!


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