National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is Aug. 2 and this New Jersey restaurant wants you to cool down and enjoy the holiday with them.

Weckerly’s in Fishtown is serving up an ice cream hoagie on Aug. 2. The ice cream hoagie has two scoops of ice cream, sundae toppings, cherry sauce and marshmallow fluff on a freshly baked hoagie roll.

According to Philly Voice, Weckerly’s staff is allowing orders for the treat Sunday morning on their website for takeout. All orders can be customized.

The ice cream sandwich was originally sold for a penny in the Bowery of New York in 1900, according to National Day Calendar. This gave the ice cream sandwich it’s rise to fame. Early pictures show Atlantic City beachgoers enjoying the frozen treat for one cent.

Home recipes soon became popular and restaurant owners offered the sandwich to travelers. The layers included angel food cake, shortbread and more. However, by 1940, it was sold in the grocery store with the wafers.

According to National Day Calendar, there is no clear origin of the creation of this sandwich. Most people believe that the chocolate wafer addition was invented in 1945 by Jerry Newberg. He sold it at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, PA, which was the home of the Steelers and the Pirates.

According to National Day Calendar, the ice cream sandwich now goes by a variety of names like the Monaco Bar, Giant Sandwich, Maxibon and Vanilla Slice. It now comes in a variety of different flavors and is finished with different layers. Some are chocolate chip cookies, cake and now, apparently, hoagies.


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