Ooni Pizza is looking for some Pizza Taste Testers, and if you love pizza you are going to want to apply. The company is looking for candidates who are religious about pizza, and can help with product testing, branding, and recipe development.

Ooni Pizza offers two models of specialty ovens that cook pizza in just 60 seconds. They offer the Uuni 3 and Uuni pro models.

As a tester, you will be sent a pizza oven and get to cooking right away! You will help develop new recipes and provide feedback on the oven's. Experience with cooking pizza and making dough is recommended but not required. You will be asked to showcase your pizza creations through social media. You can be living anywhere in the world to work for Ooni!

So if you are a chef, or just super into pizza, this is your calling! Apply by creating a one minute video showing off your pizza making skills and why you feel you should be chosen. Applications can be sent to jobs@ooni.com by Sunday October 14th.

And yes ^^, it is OK to eat 5 pizza's a week if you are making it yourself.

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