Insomnia Cookies is now letting you make their cookies at home, according to Thrillist.

We've seen this happen a lot lately, while we were all staying home because of the coronavirus health emergency. Some of our favorite food companies have been letting us become DIYers, so we wouldn't miss their products so much. A few weeks ago, I made some Auntie Anne's pretzels at home, and they turned out great. Well, they weren't as good as when I get them in the mall, but, they were pretty good. Lol. My friends have been making their own Chipotle guacamole, and now, we can bake the delectable Insomnia Cookies. Yum.

The cookie kit is called the Halfway to Homemade kit. You'll get their cookie dough, frozen, so you can just pop it in the oven. The aroma of warm cookies baking in the oven is pure torture until you can pop them in your mouth. Lol.

The article says you can get a 30 pack of dough for $45 or a 60 pack for $75 (because who can only eat a few Insomina Cookies? Lol). You can choose from Chocolate Chunk, Snickerdoodle, Sugar, Double Chocolate Chunk, and Classic with M&M's. If you order the 30 pack, you only get one type of cookie. If you go with the 60 pack, like I would, you get to pick 2 types of cookies. I'd probably go for the Chocolate Chunk and Double Chocolate Chunk. Can you tell I like chocolate? Lol.

You can buy the kits online.

Insomnia Cookies has a location in Ewing. It's in The College of New Jersey's Campus Town. They're doing pick up and delivering, by the way. A friend of mine sent me some. Best gift ever.

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