I pretty much do the grocery shopping in our house. My husband can come with me, I don't mind at all, especially because he's way better at math than I am, so he can always spot if we're getting the best deal or not. However, if he's at work, I am the one doing it, which again, I don't mind. BUT, there is something so appealing about all these grocery delivery services that are popping up everywhere. Especially if it's crappy weather or I honestly just don't feeling like going anywhere.

I gave my husband come crap for getting Amazon Prime, but honestly I love it! And now they're starting to deliver groceries in two hours, so now I'm loving it even more. According to Pix 11, next week Amazon Fresh, is free for prime members if you've used it before. If you haven't used the service yet, you're able to request and invitation to do so.  Your delivery minimum just has to be $35, which is easy to spend on a week's worth of groceries. Amazon knows that grocery delivery is growing fast, and being that Amazon wants to take over the world, I'm not surprised they are making grocery delivery easier for their members.

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