You can now reserve your spot to get the COVID-19 vaccine in New Jersey.

While rollout of the vaccine hasn't happened as quickly as hoped for, vaccinations of health care workers has begun, and more people will soon have the chance to get "the shot." (Technically, the first of two shots.)

A website has been created by the state of New Jersey that allows local residents to reserve "their spot" and per-register. You'll also get your information registered so you can find out when it's your time to get the vaccine.

While the website says the registration will take about 15 minutes, I was able to finish it in 4 minutes and 33 seconds. (Hey, I used the Stopwatch feature on my phone - first time!)

The only information that I had to look up was my insurance information. (Truth be told, I would have filled out the info quicker if I didn't have to try to figure out the tiny little "member ID" number on my insurance card.)

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Once I finished, I was told, "You are eligible for a later phase of vaccination distribution. We will send you an email when we’re ready for you to schedule an appointment."

More information on the vaccine and its distribution in New Jersey can be found here.

By the way, YES, I want to get the vaccine as quickly as possible. Yes, I do trust science.

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