During a long afternoon scroll through Instagram today, I came across this amazingly adorable puppy working out with their owner!

The dog is literally doing burpies way better than I can. Besides this pup inspiring me to get into shape, it also inspired me to see if there were other dogs who could work out. Apparently, that's a thing.

Go Fetch Run is a fitness class in New York City where you can take fitness classes with your dog. This is perfect for anyone who has separation anxiety when leaving their dogs for more than 5 minutes. Plus this will probably make working out actually enjoyable.

The workout classes include running obstacles, yoga, pilates, and a combo of other work outs until your dog becomes completely uninterested, which I can imagine is pretty quick? And who cleans up the poop?

If you take your dog to enough training classes through Go Fetch Run, maybe they will eventually have the skills to do sit ups like this golden retriever can:

Or learn this doggy variation of the elliptical:


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