Getting stung by a jellyfish is one of my biggest summertime fears. I have some friends get stung and they say it's really painful! Yikes! No thanks!  I'm sure you've heard that if you get stung, you can get someone to pee on you, to take away the sting. Ewwww!  Again, No Thanks!  I was so relieved, no pun intended, lol, to read in NJ Monthly that that's just a myth, and you don't need anyone to pee on you....they had other tips, that were much less disgusting, if you get stung! You can put ice on it to help with the pain. You can try vinegar to take away the itch. An antihistamine can help with the swelling (OMG, swelling...I'm staying out of the ocean from now on!).Wearing a rash guard can help too. Also, lathering yourself in vaseline or K-Y Jelly...ha ha...before you go into the water can help too...that's what they say. Interesting, huh?  Look there's nothing on the list about peeing on your friends if they get stung!  It's just a myth. Thank God!

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