Whenever I go down the shore I always make sure I pack everything I need. I usually pack my essentials like sunblock, sunglasses, umbrella, food, and water. But here's something I should also bring with me if I or someone I know gets [un]lucky enough to be stung by a jellyfish... vinegar. I know that sounds weird, but I found a list from American Red Cross posted by the Asbury Park Press showing the things to do and what not to do if you get stung. I was surprised that a famous remedy made the list of what not to do when you get stung.

- Do not pee on it!
- Do not rinse with salt water or drinking water. It could actually increase the pain.
- Do not rub or apply pressure to the sting.

I can't be the only shocked after reading that you should not pee on a jellyfish sting. I guess it's just an urban legend. Just remember, "urine" the wrong if you pee on a jellyfish sting!

- Get out of the water and find a lifeguard.
- If you can't find a lifeguard and were stung in the face or neck or have trouble breathing call 911.
- You can pour vinegar on the sting for a least 30 seconds (vinegar can quickly relieve pain, help remove any tentacles, and stop the venom injection).
- Use a towel or a glove to remove any tentacles (they are still filled with venom even when they're not attached to the jellyfish).
- Once the tentacles have been removed, soaking in hot water can help with the pain.
- Contact or follow up with your doctor or medical specialist.

Check out the article and list here

Credit: Thinkstock
Credit: Thinkstock

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