Chuck E. Cheese appears to have changed its name on Grubhub to Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings. It has an entirely new logo and doesn't make any reference to Chuck E. Cheese. Once people realized that this Pasqually's joint actually reroutes back to a Chuck E. Cheese address, that is where the confusion began. Social media users started to wonder if something shady was going on.

According to TMZ, the company claims that it launched Pasqually’s as its own entity within the Chuck E. Cheese Empire. This wasn't a ploy to trick people, but instead give customers a new type of pizza with a different makeup than their usual "kid-friendly pies." It is meant to have extra sauce and thicker crust to differentiate between traditional Chuck E. Cheese Pizza. According to Chuck. E Cheese, “the recipes use fresh, homemade pizza dough, just like Chuck E. Cheese, but it is a different pizza that features a thicker crust and extra sauce, giving consumers a more flavorful, more premium pizza experience.”

The company even says that only Pasqually’s food is offered right now, but Chuck E. Cheese favorites could be possible in the near future.

For anyone in Western Philidelphia, they might recognize the name Pasqually's. It's actually a small mom and pop shop located at 200 1/2 S. 43rd St. They are offering takeout and delivery from their restaurant due to the coronavirus pandemic. They offer beer, wine, pizza, sandwiches and more. There is also a Chuck E. Cheese located near the restaurant, so it will make for unfortunate confusion.


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