Philadelphia has always been my home. Even though I grew up in Maryland, my family's deep roots are in the heart of Philadelphia. My family's history in the city of brotherly love goes back hundreds of years. Looking back at my family tree is one of my favorite to things to do. The fact I walk the same street that my ancestors is awe inspiring.

People think I'm weird, but I just love looking at old videos. Whether they're home videos or footage of a certain town or place, history has always been something I'm interested in.

Check out this video I found. This is footage of center city Philadelphia from 1965 that was taken by a French filmmaker while he was touring North America.  This was during the time my parents were growing up in the city. It's crazy how much things have changed. From the cars on the street, to how vintage the buildings look. You may spot the Philadelphia Convention Center that still sits on Arch Street. Penn Square is featured and looks so different than it does today in 2021.

There are actually a lot of old videos of Philadelphia. All it takes is a quick search on YouTube, and you'll see that so many people have captured the beauty of our city even back in the 40s.

Not may people are interested in seeing what their hometown looked like before they were even born. But this kind of stuff has always been interesting and intriguing to me and my family.


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