You probably engaged in some friendly competition arm wrestling as a child. Turns out arm wrestling is not a thing of the past. New Jersey has an underground arm wrestling scene, and it's just as awesome as you are imagining.

For Gerry Lorino, a dentist in Chatham, New Jersey. Thursday is practice time with his teammates. Lorino is part of New Jersey's arm wrestling squad known as, "Team Beast Mode."  Some of his teammates include David Schell, a 67-year-old college history teacher, Jason Merlo, a project manager from Allentown, and Gary Uzzolino, a barber in Union, New Jersey.

Lorino tells ,"I started watching this arm wrestling series on TV and I said, 'Man, I could do that! My wife was like, 'You're a freaking dentist! You can't do that.' But here I am."

The gang practices in a warehouse in Kenilworth, with walls covered in graffiti. They gear up to take on other arm wrestling groups across the country, which usually take place in the backroom at dive bars.

Team Beast Mode recently competed in a "Supermatch Challenge" on July 14th at an Irish Pub in Harrisburg, PA.  The format: 16 matches, best of 3 rounds wins. Over 80 people (friends, kids, and wives)  gathered to show their support. It was a close call, but beast Mode won 9-7, and took home a three-foot gold trophy. What a great way to rep NJ!

I wonder if I know someone involved in this underground arm wrestling ring? It could be anyone.. from my primary care physician to my next door neighbor. I need to find out who.. and when I can check out the next competition.

In the meantime.. we decided to have our own arm wrestling competition here at the office, with a lot at stake.... here's what happened:

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