Fall is my favorite season. Apple picking, leaves changing, pumpkin carving, Halloween, and Thanksgiving are some of  my favorite things about this time of the year.

Something else I look forward to in the fall is a nice hike. I usually wait for fall so it's not scorching hot. Plus, I like to see the colors of the leaves change.

Unfortunately, the fall season does not seem to last long, and before you know it you are wiping the snow off of your car. That's why you need to take advantage of these awesome hiking trails in New Jersey while you can.

Appalachian Trail  

The Appalachian Trail is a huge 2,160 mile trail, 72 miles of which is located in New Jersey in the Delaware Water Gap.

The trail includes a popular hike near High Stake Park, which is the highest point in New Jersey.

Check out the High Point Monument:

Columbia Trail  

The Columbia trail is a fairly easy trail. It's 15 miles and begins in Hunterdon County and ends in Washington Township.

Good for a leisurely hike with friends or family, or a nice quiet bike ride.

Batona Trail

I love driving through the Pine Barrens on my way to Long Beach Island, but I never think to stop for a hike.

The Batona Trail takes you 80 feet above Lake Solitude Falls.

The deserted trail and the relaxing sound of the water make for a nice tranquil fall hike.

Delaware Canal Towpath 

The Delaware Canal Towpath is only five minutes from my house, and I've walked this trail plenty of times.

But did you know that the path runs 70 miles? The trail is mostly flat along the canal, and is perfect for walking, running and biking. I have even seen people Kayak through the canal. That's something I'll have to try.

Take advantage of these trails! They are beautiful and so close to home. Check out some other trail options on NJ.com. 



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