In this challenging time, when so many businesses are shutting their doors for good, a new store, Zen Leaf, is opening in Lawrence Township soon, according to the sign hanging on the building.

It's so nice to see "Coming Soon" signs popping up on some of the empty retail spaces in the area. This latest sign is on Route 1 North, across from RH Outlet (the home decor store in the old Toys R Us building), near Quaker Bridge Mall. It's a 2-store strip center, and hasn't been occupied for some time. The latest store to pop up there was a Spirit of Halloween a few years ago.

I have to admit, I had never heard of Zen Leaf before seeing this sign, so I went straight to Google to figure out what was coming to the area. It's a cannabis dispensary, operating in 9 states across the country, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In New Jersey, the only location that is open, as of now, is in Elizabeth, with this Lawrence Township location, and a Neptune Township location coming soon. There isn't one close to here in PA, with the closest being in York and Harrisburg.

When you go to the website, you're immediately asked in you are over or under 21, and if you're a medical customer or recreational customer. You're then taken to a screen to sign up for weekly newsletter, menu updates, and daily deals. Their mission is to "guide you along the path toward elevated wellness." For more information on what they offer, click here.

No word on when it will be open, but, I'll keep you posted.

Zen Leaf will be located at 3256 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Township.


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