I just ready a very shocking stocking today. Today I learned that Philadelphia has the best roads in America. All I can say is if Philly roads are the best out there, I really would hate to see what is considered the worst.

The study was conducted by the U.S Chamber of Commerce and the company roadbotics. Factors that went in to determining which roads were considered the best were things like potholes and cracking, according to NBC Philadelphia. Roadbotics ended up giving the streets of Philly an overall road network score of 1.74.

Now even though on paper the City of Brotherly Love is now known for its amazing streets, to those of us who actually live here we know that amazing isn't the right word. My tires would strongly disagree with the findings of this study.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Roadbotics mainly focused on Center City when collecting their data. And that's probably why the city got such a high score. If you go anywhere outside of Center City, you'll see cars on the side of the road with flat tires every two miles.

Outside of Center City, the potholes are outrageous. City officials claim they are doing the best they can to fill all the potholes and cracks, but it feels like it's not enough. Back in March, Philadelphia's chief highway engineer told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the Streets Department had filled about 15,000 potholes this year. As of recently it has been confirmed that the total has since reached 31,000, according to NBC Philadelphia.

I think giving Philadelphia the number one spot gives off a false representation of the city. People coming from out of town will be very disappointment to see that the only street that is pothole free is Spruce Street.


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