When's the last time you somebody naked? Other than yourself or your spouse, that is. Okay, maybe it was the last time you were in a locker room, or saw somebody streaking across a football field! We're not talking about that.

Yep, we're talking nudist communities! Which are pretty much like your everyday, regular clubs and resorts - only clothes are optional!

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Personally, I wouldn't have guessed there were many, if not, any nudist groups/communities in New Jersey, but I was wrong!

I have trouble enough changing in the locker room at the gym (in my working out days), so I have a feeling I would be a blushing mess, constantly avoiding eye contact if I ever ventured into one of these areas! But I totally see the appeal! The feeling of freedom to be yourself while being in-tune with nature and your own body must feel so liberating.

So if you've ever been curious about dipping your toe (and other body parts) into a nudist group/club/community, these would be a promising place to start! So let's bare everything and dive in!

Sky Farm - Basking Ridge NJ

Believe it or not, this place is America's OLDEST naturist community! Right here in New Jersey! Established in 1932, this is a members-only community nicely situated on 36 acres of lush greenery. You can enjoy activities like swimming, petanque, shuffleboard, pop tennis, volleyball and more. And their recration clubhouse has a pool table, poker table, foosball, dart board, a a big screen television and free WiFi.

Goodland Country Club - Hackettstown NJ

This nudist community is also one of the oldest of its kind in the United States! Their amenities include, a swimming pool, volleyball, badminton, shuffleboard, a recreation hall, cabins, and there's also a trailer and camp site.

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Google Maps

Rock Lodge Club - Stockholm NJ

This family-oriented naturist club in North Jersey is situated on 145 acres of woodland at a gorgeous spring-fed lake!

Gunnison Beach, Middletown NJ

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This is New Jersey's only clothing-optional beach. If you want try baring it all for the first time, this could be a good place to start during the summer!

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