Have you ever wanted to have your very own Nerf war in a special Nerf arena? Well, now you can! It was just announced that Pups of Wars, a Nerf blaster arena with locations in Hawaii, is setting up camp in New Jersey.

Brunswick Square Mall in East Brunswick will have its very own Nerf arena with New Jersey themes thrown in. According to NJ.com, the designers are still painting the arena but plan to feature Jersey City firehouses, lighthouses along the Jersey Shore, farm stands, and of course, bagel shops and pizza parlors. Other regional landmarks will be Central Park, the George Washington Bridge, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

NJ.com reports that the arena will be open at the end of April in Middlesex County. Daniel Hazlehurst, the Pups of War vice president of regional operations describes the Nerf arena as, “giving players the fun of a paintball game but without the bruises”.

NJ.com says that the arena will have rubberized floors and Nerf blasters are BYO or they can be rented. Of course, each player will be provided with eye protection for safety. NJ.com explained that the company is also exploring ways to make this arena unique by blocking out certain dates and times for adults who want to play separately from the kids. Hazelhurst said the arena is going to limit players to 30-40 minute time increments and the space is large enough to maintain the 6 feet social distancing guidelines, in regards to the current pandemic concerns.

I don't know about you, but this is the first activity on my list as soon as it's safe.


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