Everyone knows that there are some major food staples in Bordentown City that you have to have when traveling through – Mastoris, Chickie’s & Pete’s, Toscano’s, Marcello’s and a few more – but what about all the other places in the city that don’t get as much publicity!?

Real foodies know that sometimes the hole-in-the-wall places are often the best, and luckily for us, Bordentown City is full of them.

Here, we are giving you the key to the city by showing you a guide to all the best local spots that you might look past:

  • Under the Moon Cafe via Facebook
    Under the Moon Cafe via Facebook

    Under the Moon Café

    If you are searching for a home-cooked Argentinean meal, look no further. Under the Moon Café is a family-owned restaurant unlike any other in the city of Bordentown. This café has one of the most complex menus and they offer everything under the sun (no pun intended). And luckily for you, if you aren’t from the Bordentown area, there is also an Under the Moon Café location in Lambertville.

  • Jester's Cafe via Facebook
    Jester's Cafe via Facebook

    Jester’s Café

    Like several of the places in Bordentown City, when you walk past Jester’s Café you probably wonder what it’s like inside, but never actually go inside. When you finally do decide to go in, you will be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere. Jester’s Café has the décor of an old Italian restaurant and the staff is extremely welcoming.

  • Old Town Pub via Facebook
    Old Town Pub via Facebook

    Old Town Pub

    While many of the people who walk into Old Town Pub go there for the extensive drink menu and happy hour deals, the food is equally as good. The menu consists of everything from tater tots to scallops and everything in between. Not to mention the amazing dessert menu, including specialty dessert cocktails. Out of all of the places on this list, Old Town Pub is probably the most popular of the bunch.

  • Properly Fueled via Facebook
    Properly Fueled via Facebook

    Properly Fueled

    There’s no denying that the majority of the places to eat in Bordentown City aren’t the healthiest of options, which is why Properly Fueled stands out amongst the rest of the dining options in the area. Properly Fueled is one of the only places in Bordentown where you can go for healthy and convenient fast-food. Its menu consists of gluten-free, vegan, paleo, and organic options. Don’t be intimidated by the in-depth menu, there is something for everyone here.

  • Empire Pizza

    To some, this is just your average pizza place, but to Bordentown locals, Empire Pizza is the home of the “vamp”. You might be asking yourself “what the heck is a vamp?!”. A vamp is a buffalo chicken cheesesteak. Sure, you can get one of those just about anywhere but there’s no way it will be as delicious as one from Empire Pizza.

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