As NBC10's Vai Sikahema announces his upcoming retirement, NBC10 revealed their plans for a new morning team (and look) on the station. Morning anchor Tracy Davidson will move to afternoons on the station.

Effective Friday, September 18, Erin Coleman and Keith Jones will move from anchoring from the station's 5 pm evening broadcast to weekday mornings for NBC 10 News TODAY (4 am - 7 am). Meteorologist Bill Henley and traffic reporter Sheila Watko will remain on the program, the station announced.

The shift comes as the station's longest-tenured anchor, former NFL player Vai Sikhema announced his retirement earlier this summer. He will remain on the station through the end of the year for features including his child adoption series, Wednesday's Child, today's announcement revealed.

As for Davidson, she'll be able to sleep in, she joked when the announcement was made on Thursday. Davidson will anchor the 4 pm show with Jacqueline London and the station's 5 pm show with Jim Rosenfield, The Philadelphia Business Journal reported.

Coleman and Jones had been anchoring the 5 pm newscast in recent years.

NBC10 tells The Philadelphia Business Journal that viewers can expect a new style of a morning show for Coleman and Jones. In fact, the station says they'll be using new tools (including augmented reality) to enhance the station's storytelling and overall display.

Other changes will include a "de-emphasis" of the traditional anchor desk (as the pair will use a variety of positions for sitting/standing). Plus, more interactive features (including social media) will be used throughout the show.

Erin Coleman and Keith Jones are both local to the area. Coleman was born in Philadelphia and raised in Vorhees, while Jones was raised in Ocean County. In fact, Jones was a former intern for Sikahema, the station said today.

"Having Keith and Erin take the wheel makes me proud," Sikahema said during Thursday's broadcast. "They know the responsibility of what the job takes and the importance of getting the information our viewers need every morning. They know how much it means to the community because they grew up here."

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