Where can you find the best boardwalk pizza at the Jersey Shore?  It's the first thing you smell when you hit the boards. They're mostly the biggest slices you've ever seen and people will wait in line for as long as it takes to get their hands on some.

This age old debate still goes on today, every summer, and it probably will for a long, long time.

I find myself challenging friends to this debate year after year...it's a Jersey thing and I'm a Jersey Girl. Lol.  We have the best pizza around. It's one of the foods people miss most when they leave New Jersey. They say it's just not the same anywhere else.

I can honestly say I've done my part in the search. Lol. I've tried just about every boardwalk pizza there is. I've determined I like a thinner, crispier slice...even a little well-done. My husband doesn't...at all. We're total pizza opposites. How are we married? Lol. He likes it a little more doughy. Doughy is not for me...neither is chewy. What makes it a good slice for you?

The sauce is always a major factor in whether or not a pizza is good. Some like a sweeter sauce, some like lots of sauce, while others like it sparse.

My family and friends have had boardwalk pizza tastes tests over the years and the room always ends up divided. Go figure.

This summer I'm putting you to the task of finding the best boardwalk pizza. Hope you're hungry.

The Best Boardwalk Pizza at the Jersey Shore

This seems to be an ongoing debate. It's a topic on conversation that can get pretty heated in the Garden State because we're passionate about our pizza, especially boardwalk pizza.

PST listeners have spoken. Here are the best, according to a new PST Poll, as voted by you.

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