Have you ever seen a weird law or a rule and wondered "What sort of bozo made that rule necessary?" That's what I'm wondering about these extremely weird Pennsylvania laws.

For instance, it's still technically illegal to eat pickles on Sundays in Trenton, New Jersey. It's also technically illegal to wear a bulletproof vest while murdering someone in New Jersey. This is the sort of nonsense I'm talking about.

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In Pennsylvania, there are some laws that are just as bizarre.

Who would have thought that convicted felons would be prohibited from playing a certain game of chance, or that singing in a certain room of your house is illegal? We'll get into all of those very soon.

Some of these crazy laws are only specific to certain cities in Pennsylvania. And they are so hyper-specific that it makes you wonder why it was enacted in the first place!

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There are a lot of laws in Pennsylvania that don't quite make sense for our time period anymore, but for this list, we're keeping it to some laws that seemingly come from absolutely nowhere.

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Can you be arrested for any of these heinous crimes? Technically, yes but the odds of that happening are slim to none. It would be cool for someone to put a few of the wackiest ones to the test to actually see if they get arrested for it.

Have you broken any of these laws before? Let's see! Here are 7 of the weirdest laws in Pennsylvania that you probably didn't know about.

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Which one do you think is the weirdest?

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