Whoa. After telling you about the Drag Brunch, happening February 19th at Killarney's Publick House in Hamilton Township, it sold out fast. If you weren't able to get tickets, don't worry, a second show has now been added and you and all your friends are invited, according to Facebook.

Grab your tickets today for Saturday, March 26th. It will once again be hosted by Donna Ria. This time the special guests will be Cyannie Lopez and Franchesca Frose. Drag Brunches are very trendy this year...don't miss the fun.

Your ticket will include one complimentary Mimosa or soft drink (the brunch menu is separate). The doors will open at 10am and the show will start at 11am. You're in for some big time fun.

Tickets are only $35. You can buy them by calling Killarney's Publick House at (609) 586-1166 or you can email Nicole@Killarneyspublickhouse.com.

I wouldn't wait to buy them if I were you. The first show sold out really fast.

This sounds like so much fun, doesn't it? A bunch of my friends went to one recently and said it was great. Don't forget to dress for the occasion. Think boas, tiaras and as much bling as you can find. Lol.

I've never been to a Drag Brunch, so I'm hoping to go...maybe I'll see you there.

PS. Make sure to bring along some dollar bills to tip the Queens. They're going to be working hard to make sure you have the best time.

Killarney's Publick House is located at 1644 Whitehorse Mercerville Road in Hamilton Township, NJ.

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