There is a new air craft in the works that could fly you from the United States to London in 90 minutes.

Hard to believe right?

I mean a regular commercial flight from Newark Airport to London takes roughly and uncomfortable seven hours ... I've done it before and it isn't a fun ride.

So how is this quick flight even scientifically possible? reported, "The company (Hermeus), which is run by folks who've previously worked at places like SpaceX and Blue Origin, is working on a hypersonic passenger jet that would be capable of flying up to 3,300 miles per hour, and traveling between NYC and the British capital in 90 minutes or less."

This new aircraft is still in the early stages of development so there is still a ton of work they need to do to build this jet.

If the jet does somehow come into existence the tickets won't be cheap.

Reports says that a one-way ticket could run you about $3000.

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