Many of us have had the occasional "rage" wave while playing an intense video game, but this is just beyond.

A New Jersey man has been arrested for flying all the way to Florida and attacking a fellow video gamer with a hammer... over a video game dispute.

Nassau County Sheriff's Office
Nassau County Sheriff's Office
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The game in question? ArcheAge, an online, multi-player video game similar to World of Warcraft. The two men met while playing the game together, and had never met in person, according to

You just can't make this stuff up. The steps this guy took to exact his revenge is nothing short of bizarre and obsessive.

Edward Kang (20), certified murderous weirdo, took it upon himself to book a flight from Newark International Airport to Jacksonville International Airport on Friday, June 21. He then took an Uber to check into the Ocean Coast Hotel in Fernandina Beach.

From there, he made a stop to a hardware store to purchase a hammer and flashlight. Then around 2 am on Sunday, masked and wearing all-black, he entered the victim's home and hid in a hallway before attacking him with the hammer during a bathroom break.

It's not clear what the initial dispute was about, but Kang reportedly told authorities that his victim was a "bad person online." Brilliant.

Could it have really been deeper than that? Maybe. After all, some people make their livelihoods playing video games, and the stakes could very well translate into real life. But do we want to give this guy the benefit of the doubt? Nah. This crime was equal parts strange and heinous.

Kang as been charged with attempted second degree murder. If and/or when he is released, maybe he should move to Florida permanently. The headline he's made certainly fits the "Florida Man" trope.

This Family Guy clip just about sums up how bizarre this whole story is.

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