Talk about making BIG moves. A historic Bucks County building has been relocated. Like, the entire building was relocated.

The Stone Inn and Tavern, which over 200 years old, was moved about 1,000 feet away from where it was originally built.

The owners really didn't have any other choice after the historic building had suffered from so many floods. There were only two options for this building, as a result. Either they could move it or knock it down.

The decision was made and construction workers moved the old building to Windy Bush Road in New Hope.

By the way, this wasn't a cheap move either. It cost Gateway Developers a whopping $1 million. After the move of the 387-ton structure, there was a big empty space but it's not staying that way.

The game plan is to build a boutique luxury hotel in the same spot where the historic building sat for 235 years.

Additionally, they're hoping to restore the historic building. The goal is to open it as a museum in about two years.

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