I am always adamant that a cheesesteak can't be good if it's not from Philly. Many food chains and local restaurants in other states consistently try to replicate it, but it doesn't have the same magic touch as a Genos or Jim's.

But I have to admit, Donkey's Place is the only eatery that had me questioning whether or not it was a Philly joint. Donkey's Place is a cheesesteak place that originated in New Jersey in 1943. Their steaks are so good that the New York Post said, "Hang your head in shame, Philadelphia, the best cheesesteak in the country is whipped up across the Delaware in Camden, New Jersey.” According to NJ.com, earlier this year Donkey's Place was also named the second best restaurant for cheesesteaks in New Jersey by NJ Advance Media’s Pete Genovese. Plus, the late great food expert Anthon Bourdain stopped by one of their locations in 2015 and named their cheesesteaks the best in town and a "national landmark."

What makes this place so unique is that their cheesesteaks aren't served on traditional rolls. Instead you can get your steak, onions and whatever the hell else you like on a poppy seed roll.

They already have locations opened in Medford and Camden. Now coming soon there will be one in Mount Holly as well. South New Jersians won't have to wait much longer for the best cheesesteaks in town because the grand opening is this Monday, October 11.

Donkey's Place announced the grand opening in a Facebook post urging customers to come out and celebrate. From the looks of it, the joint is set up walk-up style. It has a window where you can place your orders and pick up your food. Picnic tables are set up outside for people to sit. Given the fact that the weather is getting colder, plan on picking up your food and taking it back to your house to eat.


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