If you were in South Philly on Monday, there was definitely a sight to see on Wharton St all the way to Washington Ave on 9th St. On March 24th, 2021 chefs from all over the city came together in honor of  Rim Café's owner, Rene Kobeitri, to make the world's longest cheesesteak. Kobeitri celebrated his birthday by bringing together a bunch of the best chefs to break the world record of the longest cheesesteak ever built. According to Philly Brite, they called it "The Godfather Birthday Party."

The previous record was a 480 foot long cheesesteak. During the Birthday Party this week, the Philadelphia cooks and chefs extended it by 30 feet. The 510 foot long cheesesteak took up three whole blocks in South Philly.

This year I decided to make it big because I love America, and when you love America, you only have to go big," said Kobeitri about his birthday party.

According to NBC Philadlephia, hundreds of pounds of meat and cheese were used, along with hundreds of rolls. The cool thing about this massive cheesesteak, is that it wasn't just a traditional cheesesteak. It was made of a variety of flavors.

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"A ravioli cheesesteak, marinara cheesesteak, a Spanish cheesesteak,” Geno Vento, owner of Geno’s stated.

The event was not only a big spectacle to see, but definitely brought some joy to the community for the day. Plus, all proceeds from the event were donated to those who were affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic.

“I’m just so glad as a country we came together to get this thing under control enough to be out here without masks and see each other’s faces,” Spiro Tsibogos, one of the chefs, told NBC10. “Talk to each other. Smile at each other.

The best part? They plan to do it all over again next year. This time, even bigger.


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