There's one thing that everyone needs to eat when they visit Philadelphia and that is a cheesesteak! For years, people have debated about who has the best cheesesteak and what sets each apart from the other. Some use a different kind of cheese, some add toppings like peppers and onions, anything to make their cheesesteak stand out against the next.

Joe's Steaks and Soda Shop, a historic Philadelphia restaurant is baffling their patrons with the way they're serving up their cheesesteaks. According to Fox News, the restaurant is catching attention for announcing that they will be serving their cheesesteaks on two slices on pound cake, instead of a traditional hoagie roll. They tweeted the announcement and will be serving it up every Tuesday for the month of March.

This isn't the first interesting food combination, their Instagram is filled with many interesting menu items.

Is this the perfect combination of two of Philadelphia's favorite foods? Or just weird and kind of gross. I don't about you, but I'm a little intrigued.

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