The holiday movie classic, "A Christmas Story," has returned for a second year in a row to Cherry Hill Mall.  While most shopping malls feature Santa, a few of Santa's helpers, and a big Christmas tree display, Cherry Hill Mall takes Christmas to a whole new level.

In past years, the mall has featured elaborate "sets" featuring Shrek and Kung Fu Panda.  Last year, the mall debuted a set based on the iconic movie, "A Christmas Story," complete with a replica of Ralphie's house.  And yes, the "leg lamp" is in the living room window.

"A Christmas Story" was originally released in 1983 and according to Wikipedia, it earned a modest $2 million in it's opening weekend.  Compare that to the $66 million that "The Grinch" made this past weekend, according to Forbes.  It wasn't until "A Christmas Story" began airing on television each year at the holidays that it became a bona fide classic.  And since 1997, the cable network TBS (or it's sister network, TNT) have aired the film for 24 hours in a row on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Cherry Hill Mall's elaborate "decorations" do come with a price.  The mall does not allow customers to take their own pictures with Santa.  That means you must purchase a photo package, which start at $27.99 and go all the way up to $52.99.

Credit: Dave McKay
Credit: Dave McKay

The mall takes "Santa" reservations here and they will be allowing pet photos with Santa every Monday every Monday from Nov. 12-Dec. 17.  For more information, click here.

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