The Hamilton Township community has rallied to support the daughters of Tika Justice, the woman who was killed last week (July 23) when their house collapsed. After a century of water damage caused their house to crumble, the community stepped in to help with funeral expenses and just getting the girls back on their feet.

There have been multiple efforts made already to help the girls, including a GoFundMe, a clothing drive at a local community center and even three girls dressed in capes selling lemonade to raise anything they can. Faceboook image here.

Danielle McElmoyl, owner of Oliver A Bistro, where Justice was a regular, encouraged her daughter and two friends to give the proceeds of their lemonade stands to the family. “The Community support for two grieving daughters, has been heartfelt and generous,” organizers said.

Tika Justice’s former employer, John S. Pavlovsky, said he would match whatever amount was raised by the girls at the lemonade stand. When this got out to the community, people kept driving by with 10 and 20 dollar bills for the girls. Pavlovsky intends to drop off his donation today and this donation may help the church reach its $10,000 goal for Justice’s funeral costs.

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