Lawrence Township, in Mercer County, New Jersey just made the Chamber of Commerce's list of the Best Cities to Live in New Jersey for 2019, and I agree....I may be a little biased though. Lol. Keep reading to find out why.

Woot woot, yes, Lawrence is #2 on the list of 10, so if you're thinking about making a move, you may want to consider making it your new's a great place...I've lived in Lawrence for almost 20 years now, and I love it.

The Chamber of Commerce describes Lawrence in this way: "Although it is located in the New York metro area, the affluent suburb of 33,000 is quiet, and peaceful, with a number of streams and walking trails within city limits." That's nice, but, it doesn't do Lawrence justice. Lawrence also has amazing places to get an education, work, eat and play.

The only city that beat Lawrence on this list is neighbor to New York City, Jersey City. Mount Laurel, Bridgewater, and Basking Ridge also made the list.

Check out the complete list HERE.

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