The Lawrence Shopping Center will finally get a new grocery store. Lidl has announced it's plan to open a new location there, according to Community News.

This has been a hot topic in Lawrence, as residents grew frustrated that there wasn't a grocery store in town, and often questioned local officials on possible new tenants for the space. Now, they have their answer as the company confirmed it's in the prelimiary planning phase for old Acme location.

There's no word on when it will actually open, with an email from a Lidl rep saying, "We can tell you we plan to put a store in this location. We believe Lidl's award winning shopping experience will be a great addition to the Lawrenceville community."

Lawrence will be one of the first Germany-based Lidl locations in the country. It has 10,500 stores in 29 countries.

As long as they have some bread and milk, and whatever else I have forgotten to grab while I'm making dinner, I'm good. Lol.

The Lawrence Shopping Center is located 2495 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Township.

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