Hey, Hamilton!

There's a new restaurant coming your way.

I was driving around yesterday and saw signs advertising a new Asian food spot that is coming soon! I don’t know about you, but I’m a total sucker for Japanese, Chinese, and all kinds of other Asian-styled food, so this is a win for Mercer County!

It looks as though construction has already started on the spot, but there are no signs of an opening date of any kind just yet.

The part that got me the most hyped up about this restaurant making its way to Hamilton was that they will be offering all-you-can-eat Sushi.

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When I tell you Sushi is a food that I could eat every single day, I'm not exaggerating. The restaurant is called Sakana Asian Cuisine and will be taking up one of the previously vacant spots in the shopping center by Taco Bell and Risoldi’s Market.

If you aren’t sure where that is, it’s the shopping center right off Sloane Ave! That shopping center already has a ton of good shops and restaurants, so this will add just another to the list. I swear we can’t ever have too many sushi places in our area and the location for sure will bring in a huge crowd.

If you’re a sushi fan and you’re looking to find a new go-to spot, this could be it! When there’s more info about opening dates or anything of the sort, I’ll be sure to update. New restaurants always make me so excited!

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