A new restaurant featuring lobster rolls is coming to Princeton, NJ and Yardley, PA.

According to the restaurant's website, La La Lobster will open at 35. S. Main Street in Yardley on Oct. 3. No opening date or address was given for the Princeton location.

La La Lobster's menu includes 3 styles of lobster and shrimp rolls --- classic, which is served warm with lemon butter, salad, which is chilled and mixed with mayo, and spicy, which is topped with a tangy Chipotle Aiolo sauce.

La La Lobster will also offer La La Bowls with lobster or shrimp on a bed of rice and topped with avocado with corn, tomato and cheese.

And real lobster lovers will want to try the La La Monstah Roll which will feature a pound of lobster meat. The Monstah Roll will set you back $50, but you'll also get a t-shirt and a picture on lalalobster.com.

A delicious lobster roll on a rustic wood table top.

A couple of years ago while visiting Boston, I decided to try my very first lobster roll. To be honest, I probably used to think a lobster roll was a type of sushi (like a California roll).

I like chilled lobster and crab, so I figured I’d probably like the popular New England sandwich and I was right. The chilled lobster mixed with mayo and placed in a lightly-buttered roll was really tasty.

Since trying my first lobster roll I’ve probably only had them again about a half a dozen times. That’s probably because it’s tough to find a lobster roll in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, so I'm definitely looking forward to La La Lobster opening. Who knows? Maybe I'll even try the La La Monstah Roll.

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