Great news for all you Rita's Italian Ice and Frozen Custard fans. A new location just opened earlier this week in Bordentown, according to Facebook. I exciting, right?

The new Rita's location is in the Hillview Plaza strip center, on Mission Road, parallel to Route 206. It's right next to Timeless Tat2. Other stores in the center include Bordentown Bagels, Papa John's Pizza, Allstate, Crestview Deli/Market, High Maintenance Salon & Spa, and more.

The new space has been under construction since early September and just had it's opening day on Monday (October 19th). It's beautiful. It's a walk-in location, not just a walk-up window, like a lot of Rita's in the area. There are hints that it may become a year round location if things go well and business is steady. Fingers crossed. Imagine being able to satisfy your Rita's craving whenever your heart desires. Yeesss.

As of now, they'll be open through "at least mid-December." This is HUGE for Rita's fans who have been bummed out since the end of summer, when most of the local locations closed up until next spring. I'll be visiting soon to get a favorite Rita's treat.

They've been posting their daily flavors on Facebook. They also have new digital screens up in the shop for your convenience. Make sure to check out their Halloween themed Zombie's Blood treats and all week long they're featuring Strawberry Cheesecake's Strawberry and Cheesecake Custard twisted together. Oh my...that sounds incredible.

The new Rita's in Bordentown is located at 5 Mission Road, in the Hillview Plaza, Bordentown. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Good luck. See you soon.


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