SOMO restaurant in Manayunk is serving alcohol in the form of delicious looking slices of cake known as, Boozy Cakes.

I read about them on and now I need I need to try a slice. I looked on the official SOMO site and saw that their Boozy Cake selection varies daily, but the article described some of the cakes:

- The White Russian – Combines Kahlúa and vodka in the batter and also has a Kahlúa buttercream.

- The Margarita Cake – Made with three oranges, orange zest, tequila, buttermilk, fresh-squeezed lime buttercream and tequila buttercream. It's topped with sprinkles of salt and sugar.

- Stout Beer Cake – Contains Chestnut Hill Brewing Company’s Shake It Out Stout and is topped with a chocolate glaze

- Stemler’s Irish Cake – Features Bailey's Irish Cream and Guinness. It's topped with a whiskey buttercream.

I also found a picture of SOMO's new Blood Orange Tequila Cake.

The Boozy Cake baker, Claudia Stemler, is also hoping to create cakes that will have champagne and rosé in them soon!

Get more info on the Boozy Cakes here


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