Wondering why the word "cake" has been trending literally all day on Twitter? I was super confused as well. I woke up and I saw that cake was trending number one on Twitter. I also saw everyone on my timeline pretending to eat objects like pencils and scissors and socks. You can imagine my confusion, right? I just couldn't understand why my friends were tweeting about eating people and objects to see if they were cake ???

So I did my research and here's the deal. There has been a video of a chef cutting seemingly objects on Twitter. These realistic objects end up being revealed as cake and Twitter has been jokingly questioning the reality of everything. It truly is amazing how this guy can make cakes that literally look like real things. The talent he possesses is beyond words. Apparently the head chef is from Turkey.

These memes and videos had started after @redrosecake_tubageckil’s realistic cake video went viral on Twitter.

Over 28 million people have viewed it and there are various objects like bananas, toilet paper and more.

People have been joking about what else is cake. Are people cake now? Are pictures? There is a meme about how the moon is also cake. It has become a new trend of quarantine.


Some other fan favorites are:


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