In honor of it being the season of love, I had a psychic do a reading on me for Valentine’s Day! It was a fun experience and I was not sure what to expect and, quite frankly, I was scared! Christine Wallace from Psychic Reading Expert gave me a Valentine’s Day reading that shook me to the core. Her answers were very accurate and hit a little too close to home for comfort.

I wanted to know if I was gonna get in a relationship or even marriage within the next few years.

She said, “There are still some mixed feelings about someone from your recent past. I feel that you are not completely recovered. You’re still in a healing period right now and I do see this person coming back to you . . . Pretty soon.”

When I say I was shocked, that is an understatement. Psychic Christine said that she did not feel like this person would be a match for me and that it would be a negative connection. She also told me some positive news. She said I was ambitious, passionate about my work and career-driven, and that I will eventually find the one within the next two years.

“You need someone who is going to be mature and supportive of you,” she said. “You will make contact with the right person within two years. This year is all about building a new foundation with yourself.”

I felt like I could cry. I had a person in mind when she was talking and I felt super connected to everything she was saying. It was super accurate that it was actually scary.

Psychic Christine said I would need to work on myself more this year, which I feel is very accurate after being in the toxic relationship I was just in. I even went and asked her about a guy I am currently seeing and if she sees it working out in the long run. Not only did she say she has a good feeling about our relationship but she said she could see him being "the one."

If you would like to get a reading done and potentially get some insight into your love life, be sure to check out Psychic Christine. Her business, Psychic Reading Expert, is located at 810 Chestnut St. in Philadelphia, PA.

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