Want to help spread some much needed joy during this pandemic? I just found out about an awesome new program in our area that you can help support.  It's called "Adopt A Grandparent." Never heard of it? I hadn't either until we interviewed its local ambassador, Drea Potocny of Princeton Events Co., for PST's Community Focus show (Sunday mornings at 6am). Potocny is the CFO of the group (Chief Fun Officer...great title, isn't it?) and she'd love your help to make it a success.

The idea is for balloon professionals, like Princeton Events Co., to create "Balloon Buddies" to be delivered to senior citizens residing in local assisted living, rehab and nursing facilities. These residents haven't been able to visit with their loved ones for almost year, and it's been very, very tough on them, as you can imagine. By sending a "Balloon Buddy" you will bring them so much happiness. It give me chills just thinking about it.

Please sponsor a Balloon Buddy (or two, or three) and bring much needed smiles to our local senior citizens faces. This is a perfect feel good project for your business, organization, or family.

Right now, two local facilities are waiting for sponsors...Brandywine Living at Princeton and Clark Nursing and Rehab in Clark, NJ. Once every resident receives a Balloon Buddy, Princeton Events Co. will move on to other facilities. I believe a few in Lawrence Township are on deck.

To see how you can help, or if there is a facility you would like to nominate to be adopted, click here for all the fun details. The Balloon Buddies are so cute.

Thank you in advance. Kindness matters.

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