I love the summertime, especially the time I get to spend down the shore.

Growing up I was always taking trips with my family to Point Pleasant, Seaside Heights, and Wildwood and I have the best memories with my family from going on these trips.

The shore is one of the most iconic things about New Jersey where people travel either from Jersey itself or from. other states.


Something I didn't realize while spending all of those family vacations as a kid with my family was how expensive staying at the shore can be. I'm not talking about just going on the boardwalk and playing the games and riding the rides.

Renting a hotel room alone down the shore can be hundreds of dollars a night. Taking a trip to any of the beaches really involves some planning if you don't plan on just taking that day trip.


One of the places that I've always had so much fun going to was WIldwood, NJ. My family and I would rent a room for a few nights once a year and would always have the greatest time.

Wildwood is easy the most exciting boardwalk because of how huge it is. There are a bunch of different peers to walk around and there are endless possibilities for rides.

It's almost impossible to get to every ride on that boardwalk.

If you plan on making a trip down to the iconic Wildwood, NJ, I have a list of some Air Bnbs to look into so you can plan that last-minute beach trip this summer without breaking the bank.

Affordable Air Bnbs To Rent In Wildwood, NJ

The Jersey Shore is the perfect getaway in the summer but can get a little pricey. These spots are the perfect summer getaways you can rent without breaking the bank.

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