According to the Washington Post, Airbnb, the vacation rental site, has blocked and canceled all rentals in the Washington D.C. area pretty much starting now before Joe Biden's inauguration.  Airbnb obviously doesn't want people coming from all over renting Airbnb homes and apartments just to go to the White House and protest or cause any kind of trouble. They even did some research on Airbnb users that belong to hate groups and blocked them from making reservations as well. Washington D.C. is also shutting down Metro Stations, so people will not flock to the downtown area where the capitol is. Read more about the restrictions in place from the Washington Post.

I know people who live in the Washington D.C. area and I've been checking up on them from time to time. It's been a scary place to be these last few weeks and it's not going to get any better with Joe Biden's inauguration coming on January 20th. I have never been so ashamed of our country and the American people. The people that stormed the Capitol on January 6th were despicable and I know many are now being prosecuted for their crimes, but that still doesn't erase what happened. Police officers died, some police officers killed themselves and protestors were even hurt and some even died. It broke my heart to watch the madness unfold on tv. I was ashamed that I, being an American are lumped in with those people. People that think the law doesn't apply to them and people who have unfortunately been brainwashed. I hope I never have to see events like what took place on January 6th again in my lifetime.

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