Those "coming home" military videos tug at my heart strings every time I watch them! Our military members serve our country and leave their families at home, sometimes for months at a time. When it's arranged for a service member to surprise their families and someone gets it all on video, it's the most beautiful thing. A US Air Force National Guard Airman returned home to surprise his daughter at her elementary school right here in Hamilton and the video is so moving.

Senior Airman Joshua Blaney returned from Kuwait after being deployed for a year. By watching the video, it looks like his wife was a guest reader for her daughter's class at Morgan Elementary School in Hamilton and while she's reading a book, Blaney busted in the doors and surprised his 5 year old daughter Aliya. Not sure if Mom was in on it, but judging by the content in the book she was reading to the class, she was in on it. The emotional reunion between this father and daughter melted my heart!

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