According to The Patch, there are two Rite Aid stores that are right in our area that will be changed into Walgreens. As of now, the two Rite Aid stores that are confirmed to change are the ones at 301 North Harrison Street in Princeton and the one at 41 Princeton Hightstown Rd. in Princeton Junction.

The Patch also says that in about three years all Rite Aid stores will all be gone and they will all be Walgreens. Walgreens announced last month that they'd be taking over Rite Aid stores, but originally said they were only taking over like 600 and now they plan to take over at least 700. I also heard that Walgreens stores may not be around for much longer, so changing Rite Aid stores over to Walgreens may be their last attempt to hang on.

If you get prescriptions at one of these stores, Rite Aid says not to worry, all prescriptions will be transferred over to the new Walgreens.

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