It seems like Adam Sandler has been filming his new movie Hustle in Philadelphia FOREVER, and frankly, it's time for all of them to go home.

I'll be clear: I actually don't think this is Adam Sandler's fault. And, in fact, the word is that Adam Sandler himself has been quite nice throughout the process.

But it seems like the filming for this movie has been never-ending. The movie was announced last year — which apparently co-stars Queen Latifah and Ben Foster — is being produced by Netflix.

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Filming actually started last October (the year 2020) throughout Philadelphia. At the time -- the crews set up in Center City, the Italian Market, Manayunk, and more.

Then like a bad disease — the crew returned to Philly this month and they've been traipsing around our city causing traffic delays and parking nightmares for weeks.

I recognize that the filming brings in tax dollars and shows our city off in a positive light. I truly do. And I also have seen the videos of Adam Sandler greeting crowds as they gather on the streets of Philadelphia. In fact, Adam apologized last week for the parking in my neighborhood.

But as a resident of Manayunk, the parking has been torturous. The street closures in Center City have been tough, and frankly, my patience is running thin. This isn't exactly Adam's fault. In fact, it's just the nature of the beast.

I just saw that ANOTHER round of filming is scheduled in Manayunk this weekend apparently? That will lead to more parking and traffic trouble for me this weekend.

Am I being a bit of a curmudgeon? Should I be starstruck and welcome him to the area?

94.5 PST's own Chris Rollins would tell me this is fun! But I'd argue that it was not any fun the other day when it took me an extra 20 minutes to find a parking space.

... I guess that's the price of living in the big city, though, huh?

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