Get ready for some unique fall fun. The Hopewell Valley Arts Council is holding their 7th Annual Amazing Pumpkin Carve in early October, according to the group's Facebook page.

It will be a drive thru event again this year starting Wednesday, October 6th and continuing through Sunday, October 10th at the same place as last year, Woolsey Park in Hopewell Township (221 Washington Crossing - Pennington Road).

Last year, due to the pandemic, the Arts Council made their Halloween-ish event a drive thru for the first time, and it totally worked. If you can't envision it, think of the Shady Brook Farm Holiday Light Show drive thru in Yardley, stay safely in your car, but, instead of looking at holiday lights, you'll get to see the amazing pumpkin creations.

I went with my family last year and the community embraced the was packed. It was so  There was a band playing as you entered the park, and twinkling lights lit the drive thru path where they pumpkins are highlighted. There were some other Halloween props...don't worry, it's nothing's fun for the whole family...or a date night.

You'll never seen pumpkins like these before. To say they're amazing is an understatement. There will be 40 huge pumpkins carved to perfection by local artists. Don't miss the fun.

Chris Rollins

It's only $25 per car. Put the kids in their jammies, bring some snacks and hot cocoa, and have some fall fun.

Chris Rollins

For more information, how to be a pumpkin carver, be a sponsor, hours, see last year's pumpkins, and to buy tickets for 2021, click HERE.

You'll love it.

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