Like Mondays aren't bad enough, a llama and a sheep were responsible for a traffic jam around 9 am Monday morning in Hopewell Township, according to Mercer Me.

The incident occurred on Bear Tavern Road, according to Mercer Me's report. The llama and sheep reportedly kept running front of Janssen Pharmaceutical. That's a busy area (with lots of people arriving for work), so thank goodness that nobody hit either of the animals.

Could you imagine seeing this? You're half-awake, your coffee hasn't kicked in yet, and up ahead you see a sheep and a llama in the road. I had to laugh.

After holding up traffic for a bit, a truck filled with other farm animals stopped and helped to scurry the creatures off the road to a residence, the report says.  Yes, Mercer Me has a photo of the animals... check that out here.

I have so many questions. Like are they someone's pets? I'm sure drivers were relieved though, since that move got traffic moving again.

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