Hopewell Township Police has a great idea to make sure their residents stay safe at all times. According to their Facebook page and website, Operation Blue Angel is for residents 55 years old and older and have a medical condition. Operation Blue Angel is a special lock box installed at the residence with a key inside that only police would have access to. If there is an emergency and police need to get into a resident's home, but the doors are locked, they can use this lock box to get inside. Residents interested should reach out to Officer James Klesney at jklesney@hopewelltwp.org or apply here.

I saw this post and mentioned it to my husband who is a police officer and he said that this is an awesome idea. He can't even count how many times they respond to a call and they cannot get into the person's house. Unfortunately sometimes they have to kick down a door or find someway to get into the house to respond to the emergency. Things like this always used to worry me when PST was located in Princeton. You needed a key card to get into the building, another key card to get into PST, then one more to get beyond the front desk area. I always said, God forbid we had an emergency and you were all alone, the police could not get to you. That always worried me and I always wanted to get West Windsor Police a spare key card to our building just in case. I never did and now we're located in Ewing and the building is much more police accessible. I'm sure Hopewell Township and Hopewell Borough residents will feel better knowing they have a Blue Angel.

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